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Asbestos Protection During Demolition

NESHAP Survey - Asbestos HazardAn environmental survey is required prior to demolition services. This is called a “NESHAP Survey” (National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutant). The purpose of the survey is to make sure that no asbestos that might pollute the air during the demolition process, is present in the building.

A state licensed environmental agent will enter the building and take a variety of samples from ductwork, window sills and doors, etc. and test for high levels of lead and/or asbestos.

If a high level of asbestos is found, it’s removed. After removal, a report will be sent to the Ohio EPA. After examining the report, the EPA will approve the demolition, certifying that the structure is safe to be torn down, without causing hazardous levels of asbestos or other hazardous materials in the air during the demolition process.

The process is to protect the wrecking crew, and others in the neighborhood, from being exposed to asbestos.

When you hire JTM Construction, the cost of the survey is already factored into our fee. You will have to pay extra for the NESHAPsurvey.

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