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Excavation with JTM Construction and Demolition

JTM - Cincinnati excavating companyExcavation is one of the specialties of JTM Construction and Demolition. We offer safe, efficient, and high technology excavation services at an affordable rate. We value safety in all our projects and are known for our quality work and experience. If you’re looking for a subcontractor for your excavation needs, JTM Construction and Demolition can provide you with our premium services.

Excavation is used in the preparatory phase of almost all construction projects. It’s a crucial step in building the foundation of various structures such as buildings, houses, bridges, and the like.

Some of the applications of excavation in construction are found in site preparation, foundation building, soil removal, and others. Among the processes we use are digging, dredging, trenching, site preparation and development, and grading. Contractors in excavation have a huge responsibility as seen in our function of operating large pieces of heavy equipment.

The excavation process includes the following steps:

  • Setting out corner benchmarks
  • Surveying ground and top levels
  • Excavation to the approved depth
  • Dressing the loose soil
  • Making up to cutoff level
  • The construction of dewatering wells as well as interconnecting trenches
  • Making boundaries of the building, and…
  • The construction of protection bunds and drains

Our Services and Equipment

Contact JTM Construction and Demolition when you’re looking to start your construction project. One of our primary services is soil preparation, where we remove soil to install the foundations of the structure.

We’ll guarantee the endurance of the foundation with relation to the compaction of the soil. This ensures that the soil is firm enough to support the foundation and the structure that will be built on top of it. We’re also responsible for backfilling the site around the newly installed foundation.

We use high technology equipment that is very precise, and operated by skilled personnel who know how to get the job done properly. Our use of updated equipment is part of our mandate to put safety as a top priority in all our projects. The correct and accurate installment of the foundation is a basic protocol to ensure the safety of the structure being built.

We have a wide array of excavation equipment that can be used in a variety of construction projects. We own a fleet of bulldozers, backhoes, trenchers, large front-end loaders, compactors, skid steers, and other relevant equipment. Our expansive resources reflect our endeavor to utilize the most appropriate equipment for each construction project.

Our Experience

JTM Construction and Demolition has experience in big projects such as residential and commercial structures, as well as small household projects such as pools. We can also provide efficient service in the construction of public structures like bridges and roads. Our diverse experience in excavation services enables us to employ the best practices in all our projects.

Handling specialized equipment requires particular abilities and expertise from the operator. At JTM Construction and Demolition, our employees undergo extensive training to arm them with the skills necessary to provide quality service to our clients. We take concrete steps to assure that human error induced accidents at the construction site are minimized.

You can count on JTM Construction and Demolition to submit competitive rates to provide you with the most efficient service, at an affordable price. Our license to operate ensures that you’re protected from different types of financial risks. We abide by laws that govern construction standards such, as occupational safety and hazard standards, and construction standards that apply to the state.

Talk to us to learn more about JTM Construction and Demolition. We’re open to suggestions and negotiations, so our clients can have the best choice for their excavation contractor.

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