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Demolition Services: Why You Need Us?

JTM - Cincinnati Demolition and Excavating CompanyGot an old building that needs to be taken down? Are you selling your property and need to demolish your existing structure? Look no further because our demolition and wrecking team has the best offer.

We understand that taking down a building or structure is labor-intensive and costs a lot of money, especially if you merely hire contractual laborers on your part. Fortunately, we offer a wide range of all-encompassing construction, demolition or wrecking services that will suit your requirements.

Apart from a worry-free demolition procedure, hiring us can be very advantageous and cost-efficient. To further convince you, here are 5 main reasons why do you need to hire us.


We can provide a thorough inspection of the site.

Prior to the actual demolition, our team of expert workers will conduct an ocular visit to the site to assess the scope of work, required equipment and most importantly, the estimated cost of taking it down.

You won’t have to worry about permits and other requirements. When you hire us, we will take over the logistics requirements like documents and permits. You won’t have to worry about any of that.

We will take on all risks involved in demolition accountability

Demolition may be a very risky activity that poses hazards to the workers and property owners. Some threats include personal injuries, inhalation of harmful components, fire occurrence, electrocution and falling debris. Our company goes to great measures to ensure that all our workers are equipped with all of the necessary safety equipment and proper training to minimize all the risks involved in demolitions.

It’s best to leave the job to skilled workers

It’s always best to entrust your property deconstruction activities to our laborers who had been exposed to such work. Our laborers have developed specialized skills in demolition so no matter what kind of structure needs to be torn down, they can do it in a timely manner. Hiring us will diminish the time required. It will be done using the most efficient process.

Our demolition company practices standard safety procedures

Demolition jobs can be very dangerous. To prevent further risks and threats to your property, we can offer you our services that are guaranteed to showcase proper safety procedures. We have all necessary safety equipment to prevent occurrence of on-site injuries.

We are equipped with all the proper equipment and tools

Demolition involves the use of heavy equipment, especially during excavation, drilling and hauling. Whether your site will require a jack hammer, a hammer breaker, a hydraulic breaker or a saw cutting diamond blade concrete cutter – you name it! We have it.

We can provide you with the best deal to recover the most salvageable assets.

Our demolition laborers know how much you have every asset that’s been recorded in your books. To help you attain some of the assets that can be recovered from the site, we can carefully take down your structures to save its book value as much as possible. Always remember that it’s better to conserve what you can than selling it as scrap.

Our demolition team will leave no trace.

Our deconstructing activities will ensure that the property will be taken down without any hint of scrap, debris and other traces. This will guarantee that your property will have a smooth, hassle-free turnover to the next user or buyer.

Whether you’re putting up a new building and getting rid of your old one, or simply just deconstructing an old structure, we have all the answers to your needs. You won’t have to worry about taking it down because we can take over, deliver your recoverable assets, and accomplish everything in no time. Simply give us a call so we can visit the site and provide a free quotation.

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